3 Uses For Bollards at Fast Food Restaurants

Bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of commercial premises, including fast food restaurants. If you are the owner or supervisor of a fast food establishment, bollards are key to maintaining safe premises and reducing property damage. Review top fast-food restaurant applications for bollards to determine what is best for your eatery.

1. Drive-Thru Menu Protection

The drive-thru at your fast food restaurant probably features a sizable menu/telecom installation that makes it easy to take customer orders. Since these installations are usually highly-customized and expensive to install, replacing them can be a budget nightmare. By surrounding your menu installation with high-security bollards, wayward drivers cannot make contact with them. Whether these drivers are intoxicated, drowsy, or distracted, there is no risk of crash-related damage that temporarily puts your drive- thru out of order. Such bollards stop drivers going up to 50 miles an hour, meaning they can easily halt drivers slowly navigating your fast food parking lot.

2. Exterior Corner Protection

After drivers place their fast food orders, they turn around your building’s corner to pay and pick up their food. These corners can suffer wear and tear on a daily basis from drivers looking for change and otherwise not paying attention. By placing a high-security bollard in front of this corner and any other applicable corners, you’ll preserve them and maintain a more attractive building. Customers who notice chipped, scratched building corners might wonder what else the establishment does not take care of, which can prevent them from returning. Protecting the corners with bollards eliminates these curb appeal and revenue issues.

3. Parking Lot/Perimeter Protection

It is not uncommon for fast food establishments to be located on highways and in other busy urban areas. If your restaurant is located in a bustling area, protecting the perimeter of the parking lot with high-security bollards is recommended. It prevents distracted, drunk, and drowsy drivers from accidentally driving up onto the parking lot, where they can potentially hit parked cars, other drivers, and pedestrians. Depending on your restaurant’s exact location, protecting the entire perimeter with bollards might be necessary. This prevents drivers from potentially driving into the building, which is problematic since most fast-food establishments feature large glass panels. Your patrons and employees will enjoy greater peace of mind as a result.

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