3 Ways Bollards Help Control Traffic

Bollards offer many applications, all of which contribute to safety and security. Among these applications is traffic control. Learn about some of the top ways bollards help control traffic and therefore keep drivers safe.

1. Parking Garage & Airport Entrances

Retractable bollards, or bollards that lower into the ground as necessary, are often used in parking lots and some small airport entrances, such as the La Plata Airport in Durango, CO. Drivers activate the bollards by pressing a button or entering their kiosk tickets, which allows them to drive into the lot or airport. Retractable bollards stagger the amount of traffic going into these areas and subsequently prevent overcrowding. Too many drivers looking for parking spaces at a time can get into minor collisions because they are distracted.

Park entrances, such as those to local, state, and national parks, can also benefit from retractable bollards. Staggering traffic is often necessary for popular parks because it prevents the parking lots from filling up too quickly which can lead to drivers becoming frustrated. Instead, park employees can easily determine which lots the drivers need to park in, helping diminish stress for everyone involved.

2. Closed-Off Roads

When a road is not available because it needs repair or a complete replacement, bollards can prove helpful. Portable versions can be lined along the road entrance to keep drivers away and some can feature signage pointing to alternate routes. Bollards also help road workers stay safe because drivers are not going to use the roads which keeps the area clear. They can subsequently focus on their jobs instead of feeling distracted or unsafe because of nearby drivers.

3. School & Summer Playground Pickups & Dropoffs

Dropping the kids off at school or for summer playground events gets less hectic when portable bollards are utilized. These bollards can be added or subtracted from the street in front of the school or playground as necessary for safe pickups and dropoffs. Parents are forced to drive at a certain speed, which is extra essential when little children are walking to and from cars. Portable bollards can also be used to designate specific pickup and dropoff areas where children can wait on the sidewalk for their parents, then easily get in the appropriate vehicle.

Bollards continue to prove invaluable in a variety of safety situations. Find the bollards you need for every situation at 1800Bollards.

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