3 Reasons to Use Shallow-Mounted Bollards

Shallow-mounted bollards are often thought of as less secure than their deep-mounted counterparts. Yet, these security products are just as sturdy and durable as deep- mounted bollards, if not more so. Learn about reasons to use these bollards if you are currently considering your business’s security needs.

They Are Easy to Install

It typically takes half the time to install shallow-mounted bollards over deep-mounted versions. They do not require serious excavation, which saves time and money. And since there is no need for “deep digging,” shallow-mounted bollards offer more applications, including bridges where excavation is not possible. Urban areas with underground utility lines also benefit from shallow-mounted bollards, as they avoid damage that can temporarily leave surrounding-area residents and business owners without plumbing or electricity.

The relative ease of installing these bollards is especially helpful if your project is city- based. Bustling urban environments do not benefit from lengthy construction projects that can block off streets and sidewalks for weeks at a time.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly

Shallow-mounted bollards offer sustainability advantages, which is ideal if you want to market your business or city as eco-friendly. Since they do not require substantial digging, these bollards are less likely to harm nearby tree roots. Installing shallow- mounted bollards typically does not involve heavy machinery, which reduces noise and air pollution. Conversely, deep mounted bollards require air-polluting machinery, as well as more concrete to create solid foundations. Concrete manufacturing accounts for up to 8% of the planet’s CO2 emissions.

They Are Crash-Rated

Many shallow-mounted bollards have been crash-tested. They hold up to car and truck impacts, such as a medium-sized truck going up to 30 miles per hour. Installing crash- rated, shallow-mounted bollards on your commercial property subsequently contributes to optimal safety. For example, if you install them around a shopping mall parking lot adjacent to a busy street, you are protecting your shoppers and their vehicles from wayward drivers.

They can also be used to protect parking garage booth attendants who need protection from distracted, intoxicated or drowsy drivers. Parking lots next to schools, playgrounds, shopping centers, hospitals, and stadiums additionally benefit from these high-security bollards. Crash ratings contribute to your peace of mind and limit premise liability issues because you have taken steps to maintain safe commercial grounds. No matter what type of bollard is right for your commercial or industrial needs, find what you’re looking for at 1800Bollards today.

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