Removable Vs Retractable Bollards: The Benefits of Each

Bollards come in several forms, including removable and retractable options. Both offer benefits that contribute to safe, functional commercial and industrial environments. Learn more about these bollards to help determine what type of bollards your project needs.

Removable Bollards

Some bollards are relatively lightweight and removable, making them portable products that are usable many times over. For example, if you need to create a temporary “fence” between traffic and road construction workers, bright-colored bollards let drivers know to stay away. They also lend themselves to assorted events, such as private outdoor parties at local libraries and community centers. Chain-linking the bollards is especially helpful for preventing “crashers.”

Other removable bollard applications include creating temporary restricted areas at local, state, and national parks, on city streets, and within industrial parks. Bollards make it clear that the site(s) are currently off-limits and should not be breached for safety purposes. As security products bollards subsequently reduce premise liability issues, because you clearly took steps to restrict area access. Those who ignore the bollards and injure themselves do not have grounds for legal action.

Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are installed in the ground or floor, such as a warehouse floor, and are retractable as needed. They are often used in commercial parking garages and lots to prevent unlawful access. For example, retractable bollards remain up while a driver in an airport looks for their access ticket, and go down once the ticket is taken or scanned. Retractable bollards work in any entrance/exit area where staggering access is necessary.

These innovative bollards can also be used in restricted sections at hospitals and labs. They prevent those who do not have the proper clearance from gaining access, which keeps the facility safe and secure, while again reducing liability risks.

Retractable bollards contribute to pedestrian safety, such as in concert halls, art galleries, and museums. These attractions often see high foot traffic at different times of day, meaning there are pedestrians walking to and from parking garages or lots. By timing retractable bollards to go up when foot traffic is highest, you are creating barriers that prevent drivers from possibly hitting pedestrians. Everyone will enjoy a safer, more pleasant commercial environment as a result. Whether retractable or removable bollards are right for your current project, browse the selection at 1800Bollards. As your premier bollard partner on the web, we offer a wide range of products to suit various security needs.

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