5 Ideal Locations For Lighted Bollards

Lighted bollards are among the many types of bollards available, and offer many different applications. Perhaps you are designing a new city park, making landscape decisions for the local college, or are thinking about incorporating lighted bollards into your construction plans for another reason. No matter what your motivation is, review optimal locations for lighted bollards that enhance safety and ambiance.

1. Along Pathways

Install lighted bollards along walkways to increase safety and security. For example, if you want lighted bollards for a college campus, staggering them on the sides of pathways contributes to nighttime safety. The same is true of lighted bollards added to public park walkways and hiking trails. Illumination helps keep unscrupulous characters away and lowers the risk of tripping and falling, which reduces premise liability risks. Poorly-lit walkways are often listed on personal injury lawsuit documents, a problem you can easily avoid with lighted bollards.

2. In Front of Entrances

Keep retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, stadiums, restaurants, and other commercial and industrial entryways safe and efficient with lighted bollards. In addition to providing illumination that helps prevent theft and vandalism, lighted bollards streamline entry and exit activities. They can be used to create lines for social distancing purposes while also clearly marking entrances.

3. Around Public Sculptures

Protect public works of art with lighted bollards connected with chains. Sculptures and other works are unfortunately subject to people who try to climb them for photo opportunities, or individuals who deface them in other ways. By creating an illuminated barrier around public works, you will deter individuals who can damage the art with their finger oils, body weight, or blunt instruments.

4. In Warehouse Inventory Areas

Make your warehouse easier to work in at night with lighted bollards. They help nighttime forklift operators see where they are going, which is especially beneficial if they constantly navigate tight turns. Bollards installed at the corners of warehouse racks increase visibility and protect shelves from forklift collisions that can result in serious inventory damage. You can also install lighted bollards in front of stored forklifts and other heavy machinery to keep them protected and illuminated at night.

5. City Street Curbs

Line city street curbs with lighted bollards for energy-efficient illumination. Since most lighted bollards feature LED lights, they provide a wallet and planet-friendly light source compared to traditional street lights. Lighted bollards lining street curbs also protect mbusinesses, including retail stores, restaurants, and boutiques with glass fronts. Bollards prevent wayward vehicles from driving up on the sidewalk and possibly inflicting property damage and injuries. Purchase lighted bollards today at 1800Bollards.

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