3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Bollards

Your bollards have worked hard for you and your business for a long while, helping protect it against wayward cars and trucks that could have caused significant damages and injuries. Yet, it might be time to replace the security products to maintain safe, efficient premises. Review the following warning signs calling for immediate replacements.

1. Serious Dents & Dings

Depending on the material, bollards can sustain a variety of dents and dings from years of “service.” If your bollards are metal, for example, they can eventually become so bent from vehicular collisions that they no longer provide protection. Even bollards made of concrete can succumb to dings and material losses if they are not routinely coated since concrete is a porous product susceptible to water and assorted chemical damage.

2. Recurring Loose Fitting Issues

Bollard fittings can loosen from repeated contact with significant forces, such as cars and trucks. If you find yourself constantly tightening loose fittings only to deal with the problem again in a few days, the concrete or cement below the bollards might be deteriorating. The bollards themselves might have permanently loosened depending on what they are made of. If the foundation is the issue and the bollards are otherwise in good condition, repouring cement might suffice. However, if the bollards themselves are damaged, get them replaced.

3. Excessive Scratches

Contact with vehicles, bikes, and random sharp objects can leave bollards scratched. If there are more scratches than you can count, zinc primer and paint applications can provide a solution if the bollards are made of concrete. Too many scratches on metal or plastic bollards generally require replacements, since the scratches cannot be buffed out or painted over. Consider replacing your bollards with those made of stainless steel that are impervious to rust and can be zinc-coated or galvanized for more protection. Such bollards offer a sleek look that complements most architectural styles in addition to helping direct traffic.

By replacing severely dented or dinged bollards with new versions, you’ll not only maintain safe premises, but you’ll also enjoy broader curb appeal. Bollards are part of your business’s exterior, much like the parking lot and sidewalk, and subsequently deserve the same level of attention and care. Call the bollards experts at 1800Bollards for all of your bollard needs! You will find a variety of products, including retractable, removable, lighted, fixed, and high-security options on our site.

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