4 Uses For Bollards At High Schools

If you are a high school administrator, the safety of your students and staff naturally remains a top priority. Bollards lend themselves to high school complexes in numerous ways, all of which help you maintain safe premises. Review some top ways to utilize bollards in high school settings, which will hopefully help inspire your efforts.

1. Pickup & Dropoff Areas

Parents picking their teen kids up and dropping them off in the mornings and late afternoons know that these are understandably hectic times. Placing removable bollards in these areas can help stagger traffic, such as keeping cars in certain places until the cars ahead of them move. Removable bollards can also be used to surround pickup and dropoff areas, which helps other drivers slow down. To improve safety even further, consider adding signage to removable bollards with wording such as “School Pickup/Dropoff Zone” or “Please Drive Slowly.”

2. Parking Lots

Parking lots are among the most dangerous places for drivers and passengers, and school lots are no exception. They are arguably even more hazardous because teen drivers do not have the experience and skills that older drivers typically enjoy. Adding bollards to the perimeters of school parking lots helps protect students walking to and from their vehicles, as well as parked cars. High-security bollards can help stop cars and trucks, which prevents their drivers from causing property damage and injuries. If you are working with a sizable parking lot, consider adding bollards to the median so students have safe walking areas to get to and from class.

3. Construction Zones

Bollards section off construction areas to encourage students to stay out. Look for bollards with chain links to help emphasize the “no entry” point; you can also attach signs to bollards warning students to stay away. If a student breaches the construction zone and sustains injuries, your school will not be liable because the area was clearly off-limits and the student broke the rules. Bollards can subsequently help you avoid insurance claims and lawsuits that negatively affect your school’s reputation.

4. Temporary Learning Spaces

Removable bollards also lend themselves to outdoor learning areas. They create makeshift spaces for having class on the lawn or track or field while also providing social distancing benefits. Bollards offer clear markers that make it easy for students to stay 6 feet apart and therefore reduce their risk of COVID-19 transmission. Find the ideal bollards for your high school today at 1800Bollards.

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