3 Signs Public Gardens Need Bollards

Public gardens provide beautiful, colorful, natural areas for residents to enjoy, and are arguably even more important in urban areas where greenery is lacking. If you are among those who keep public gardens operational, you might want to consider adding bollards to the grounds. Below are 3 signs telling you the security products are what is missing from the gardens you care for.

1. Flowers Keep Sustaining Damage

If it seems like you are always replacing trampled flowers or trying to salvage the greenery whenever you can, bollards could provide the solution you need. When linked with metal chains, they offer effective fencing that keeps the flowers safe from foot traffic. And since bollards come in a variety of colors and styles, you can easily pick options that match or complement different flower gardens. For example, perhaps classic black bollards with visually-pleasing spires are what an herb or perennial garden needs, or maybe yellow bollards are ideal for a garden filled with daffodils and other sun-colored blooms. No matter which bollards are best for the premises, you are
providing the gardens with an attractive form of protection.

2. People Use the Sculptures For Photo Opportunities

Sculptures are common in public gardens of all kinds, as they provide attractive additions to the flowers and plants. If your gardens include sculptures that people of all ages think they can climb for photo reasons or just for fun, bollards with chain links are necessary. They keep people from damaging the sculptures with their finger oils and footwear, which prevents premature deterioration and irate artists. Bollards also help keep people safe, since climbing sculptures present fall-related injury risks. As a result, the gardens are safer and the sculptures remain beautifully preserved.

3. Parking is Always Problematic

Perhaps the public garden parking lots are near a busy main road, or the lots are not paved and drivers must find places to park on the grass. High-security bollards solve both issues. For lots near the street, they create effective barriers that prevent wayward vehicles from accidentally driving up into the parking areas, and potentially causing injuries and vehicle damage. For grass-tasic lots, they create perimeters that help drivers park in more orderly fashions.

If your parking lots include booths that attendees sit in for ticket purposes, bollards once again are helpful. They protect the booths and subsequently the attendees, which helps the workers focus on their jobs and not how close drivers are to them. Purchase bollards for your gardens today at 1800Bollards.

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