How Do Bollards Enhance Landscapes?

Bollards are more than just security products, as they can also function as creative and colorful decorative elements that enhance a wide variety of landscapes. If you are involved in site planning for a commercial or public landscape, take a moment to learn why bollards make a welcome site addition.

Enhanced Seating Areas

Bollards come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes, allowing you to choose products that match or complement your commercial landscape perfectly. Decorative bollards, such as those with spires that add a classic element to any landscape, contribute to seating areas that are both eye-catching and safe from nearby traffic. For example, if you want to create an outdoor seating area in the middle of a bustling downtown, bollards help you do so easily. They can be staggered to create impenetrable barriers or interspersed with large planters to add a touch of greenery to the space. Depending on the layout, one of the bollards can be used to hold signage that lets passers-by know a stylish rest area is a few steps away.

Attractive Public Sculpture Protection

Public sculptures add a touch of beauty and originality to parks, downtown areas, and other public settings. To keep these works of art safe from those who would climb or touch them, add a ring of chain-linked bollards around each sculpture. Choose bollards in hues that complement the sculptures, such as those in the same color family, to create attractive, immediately-noticeable barriers. The sculptures remain safe from damaging finger oils and footwear that can scrape and chip them, which preserves them as visually-stunning commercial landscape additions. The artists who created the pieces will appreciate your efforts as well.

Perfectly-Lined Walking & Biking Trails

Biking and walking trails in local parks can benefit from bollards, as they encourage people to stay off of the grass and flowers that border said trails. Link the bollards with chains if park property damage has become an issue, as they let people know to stay off the grounds. Bollard-lined biking and walking trails protect natural elements, allowing them to thrive and contribute to a vibrant ecosystem. They also help protect local wildlife that is often disturbed when hikers and bikers plow through areas they should leave alone.

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