4 Signs It’s Time to Buy Bollard Covers

Bollard covers come in two main forms: stainless steel and galvanized coatings. Both enhance the appearance of bollards and protect the underlying material from environmental damage and vandalism. If your business or organization features bollards but you are not certain whether it’s time to purchase stainless steel or galvanized coating covers, review the following telltale signs.

1. The Bollards Are Impacting Curb Appeal in a Negative Way

Bollards are supposed to enhance curb appeal, not hinder it. If yours are garnering complaints from customers and employees alike, or make you cringe every time you look at them, it’s time to consider the wide variety of color options bollard covers come in. Anything that takes away from your business’s curb appeal can be off-putting to customers and subsequently affect the company’s reputation. Rather than dealing with these problems unnecessarily, procure quality bollard covers that match or complement their surroundings.

2. The Bollards Are in Otherwise Good Condition

Many bollards are capable of lasting decades with the right care, including high-security, or crash-tested bollards made of cement or concrete. If these bollards are in good condition except for cosmetic blemishes or flaws, disguise them with covers. They allow you to continue using your bollards for years, rather than paying for costly, untimely replacements. Bollard covers are therefore a way to take care of your investment.

3. The Exterior Appearance of Your Business is Changing

Perhaps your business will undergo a major exterior remodeling project that includes an entirely new color scheme. Since bollards are part of the commercial building’s exterior appearance, they should be part of the rebranding process, otherwise, they will look out of place and possibly become eyesores. Bollard covers that complement or match their new surroundings sidestep these problems and contribute to a cohesive result you can be proud of.

4. The Environment is Particularly Unforgiving

The regional climate often helps business owners decide whether to use bollard covers. If your business is in a coastal region, for example, the salt air corrodes various materials, including non-stainless steel bollards. Other environmental factors can also cause premature damage, such as UV rays from near-perpetual sun or regular torrential downpours. UV rays contribute to oxidation, while rain contains minerals that cause premature wear on most materials. Even high winds can be problematic due to flying debris that creates scratches, chips, and nicks on your bollards. If any of these environmental issues apply, cover your bollards to protect them from the elements and subsequently extend their working lives. For quality bollard covers, please contact 1800Bollards today.

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