3 Times When Bollards Provide Business Owners With Invaluable Peace of Mind

Bollards offer many applications, most of which have to do with safety and security. They are often essential products for business owners that provide what many describe as “invaluable peace of mind.” Below are some of the many times when bollards help business owners stress less and focus on what they love: their work.

1. Glass Storefront Protection

Business owners who operate retail stores, boutiques, eateries, and other commercial spaces with glass storefronts benefit from high-security bollards. Also known as permanent bollards, these security products are typically made of cement and stop vehicles from going up to 50 miles an hour. Therefore they are beneficial for strip malls and other businesses with large glass storefronts because they prevent intoxicated, sleepy, and distracted drivers from making contact. A car colliding with a glass storefront can cause catastrophic injuries and property damage and bollards can help prevent this from happening. Sadly, there are also times when drivers purposefully drive into glass storefronts to create commotions that allow their partners to commit robberies. Since bollards can help business owners with glass storefronts avoid all of these issues, they also help business owners sleep better at night.

2. Parking Lot Protection

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous places, as people are constantly coming and going both on foot and behind the wheel. Permanent bollards enhance parking lot safety considerably, as they can be used to surround the lots and prevent contact with wayward drivers. Bollards help prevent pedestrian-related injuries, parked car damage, and damage to parking lot features such as lights and signs. Helping maintain a safe place for customers to park allows business owners to breathe a little easier because they know they are doing something to prevent accidents and injuries.

3. Liability Lawsuit Protection

Bollards are often helpful for business owners in terms of liability lawsuit protection. For example, say a section of the business is under construction and therefore unsafe for customers. Surrounding the entrance to this section with removable bollards and related signage, such as “Under Construction–Do Not Enter!” avoids lawsuits in the event of an injury. A customer who breaches the area even though the dangers involved are clearly stated forfeits their right to legal action. If there was no signage or bollards in place, the injured party could argue that they were unaware of the dangers, and therefore the company would be liable. Find the bollards your business needs today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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