How Bollards Improve Pet Adoption Events

Pet adoption events are wonderful opportunities for dogs and cats who need good homes to find their humans. They are often family-friendly happenings where children of all ages meet potential “furever friends.” Since there is typically a mix of individuals and pets at such events, removable bollards make welcome additions. If you are planning a community pet adoption event, review how bollards make such events safer and better overall.

They Help Separate Little Dogs From Big Dogs

While plenty of big dogs are “softies,” keeping them separate from little dogs is generally a good idea. Both small and large dogs can be aggressive, with other risks including too-rough play that results in injuries. Removable bollards help maintain separate areas for these pets and can be used in conjunction with chains or other portable fencing materials. These bollards also help identify large and small dog areas to attendees when you attach signage. As a result, attendees can easily find what they are looking for and hopefully adopt one or more pets.

They Provide Individual Meeting Areas

One-on-one time with a potential pet is essential to ensure there is a connection between humans and animals. Removable bollards with portable fencing materials can be used to create individual meeting areas for people to bond with their possible new four-legged friends. Depending on the size of the event, the bollards can create large play areas where people can play fetch, tug, and other games with the pets up for adoption. Not only does this help people get a “real feel” of what these animals are like, but it also provides the pets with the chance to have fun and expend energy.

They Create Clear Vendor Lines

Adding vendors to pet adoption events makes them even more enticing. Removable bollards provide clear lines for customers to wait, which helps keep the event orderly. There will be no issues about where the lines begin and end, who was in front first, or similar issues that can create discontent and stress for the pets. All animals at pet adoption events get the chance to be on their “best behavior” instead of being distracted by commotions over at the vending areas. The more serene the event is, the less stress everyone–pet and human–will experience. Bollards obviously contribute to successful, fun, safe pet adoption events for all who attend! Find the removable bollards your pet event needs today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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