3 Tips for Choosing Parking Bollards

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous. Drivers are constantly coming and going while people and even pets seem to be everywhere you turn. Seniors, children, and people in wheelchairs are particularly vulnerable in parking lots, because they move slowly and are not always easy to see.

Bollards make a considerable difference in regard to parking lot safety, as high-security models can withstand vehicular impacts of up to 55 miles per hour. These site furnishings direct traffic, provide an effective barrier between the lot and pedestrian walkways, and prevent cars on the street from colliding with parked vehicles. If you desire a safer and more navigable parking lot, keep the following tips in mind:

Determine What Your Parking Lot Needs Are

Take some time to determine what you need most from parking lot bollards. Is physical protection the most important due to high numbers of children or seniors in your parking lot? How about bollards that prevent vehicles from driving into restricted areas? Is visual protection the most important, i.e. bollards that direct traffic as well as pedestrians? Write out what is most essential to parking lot improvement before moving forward with bollard selection.

Compare Materials

Compare bollard materials once you have a solid idea of what you need from these protective products. Bolt-down bollards, for example, provide the direction traffic and pedestrians need for optimal parking lot safety. They create areas for shopping carts, wheelchairs, and strollers, and take little effort to install. Flexible bollards also work well as visual protection; however, both flexible and bolt-down options cannot withstand vehicular impacts. Flexible bollards are still worth the investment because they bend up to 90 degrees when hit to mitigate impact damage.

If solid physical barriers are a parking lot must, browse steel pipe options constructed from structural-grade steel. These bollards keep vehicles out of restricted areas while also protecting parking lot perimeters from outside traffic. They also work well in front of stores and building entrances.

Keep Appearance in Mind

Should you need bollards to improve your parking lot look in addition to its safety, keep in mind that high-security steel bollards are not the most attractive option. However, their appearance is easily improved with routine painting or use of bollard covers. Bollards of all types and sizes come in a range of designs, such as those made to resemble street lamps or iron fencing. Think about your brand look and feel to determine which bollards go best with your parking lot.

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