Some Of The World’s Coolest Bollard Installations

Bollards provide a wide range of benefits, including building, parking lot, and bike path security, and come in an assortment of sizes and colors. In addition to their practical applications, bollards offer a pleasing visual element. Whether you find these bollards in parks, around museums, or anywhere else on this green and blue planet, you can be sure of one thing: you’ll want to take a picture. Let’s look at a mere few of the world’s most unique bollard installations:

London, England

Take a stroll down Newbury St, EC1 in London to check out the white and red bollard featuring the name Bailey & Pegg Co. and its address, 81 Bankside. The bollard was originally located close to the famous Thames River due to the location of the Bailey & Pegg warehouse. The company regularly churned out cast pipes, cannons, and assorted other fittings and munitions throughout the 1800s. Bollards were made out of decommissioned cannons at the time. Nifty, right?

Dublin, Ireland

On a Dublin street corner near the National Library of Ireland, you’ll find a statue of Irish nationalist and politician Charles Parnell, as well as several eye-catching bollards. These ornate pieces help protect the statue from vehicular collisions and make the section of Ireland’s capital city even more photo-worthy.

New York City, New York

The globe-shaped bollards in New York City’s much-celebrated Times Square are just too cool. Not only do they provide an effective barrier between the sidewalk and the street, they add beauty and texture to this vibrant area of the country.

New York’s famous midtown also features house-shaped bollards in some areas where street vendors are not allowed to park their carts.

Odense, Denmark

Hans Christian Anderson, or the author behind The Little Mermaid among many other fairy stories, remains one of Denmark’s most beloved citizens. His influence is everywhere, including in the Little Drummer Boy statues in Odense. These jet-black bollards add to the magical whimsy that surrounded Anderson and his stories.

These and many other bollards around the world provide stunning examples of creativity that also serve an extremely practical purpose. Whether they are used to protect against street traffic, provide the barrier building entrances need, or have any other function, these bollards do their jobs while looking really good. What’s not to love?

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