3 Tips For Maximizing College Campus Safety With Bollards

College and university campuses feature plenty of their own main streets, sidewalks, alleyways, and side streets that call for careful planning to maximize the safety of students, professors, administrators, janitorial and landscaping staff, and visitors. Bollards provide an excellent way to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians to keep centers for higher education as secure as possible. Take a moment to consider the following tips before you install new bollards on campus:

Add Them To Every Parking Lot

Install high-security traffic bollards around every parking lot to keep the perimeter safe from oncoming traffic. If your lots feature walkways in the middle, use bollards to ensure safety near parking vehicles. Adding bollards is especially important for college campus parking lots since many of the drivers have only been behind the wheel a few years and may be more susceptible to issues such as misjudging the width of a turn or getting too close to sidewalks. Bollards provide the barrier between these drivers and relatively minor impacts.

Install Bollards Around Building Access Points

Use bollards around any campus stadiums and in front of all major buildings accessible from the street or a parking lot. Consider retractable bollards that restrict car and truck access without hindering emergency vehicles since they can be removed instantly. Collapsible bollards also do well in front of college stadiums and buildings because they limit access but feature hinges that allow an emergency vehicle to pass if necessary.

Use Them Around Gardens, Lawns, & Hardscaping Features

Create clear pathways for students and everyone else walking through campus with removable or permanent bollards linked with chains. Bollards make it clear where to walk to reduce foot traffic damage to lawns and keep people out of planted areas. Chain-linked versions of these safety products also prevent damage to hardscaping features such as large art installations since such works can serve as attractive climbing challenges to students who perhaps had too much to drink.

Bollards come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles to complement your campus aesthetic while still providing vital navigation and safety help. Use them to keep your students and everyone else on campus safe and prevent a number of costly complications.

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