4 Types Of Big Events Benefiting From Bollards

Bollards come in many forms and offer an incredible variety of applications, including those that are ideal for special events. If you are planning a major event, consider bollards to help streamline everything that will take place. Learn about four types of major events that benefit significantly from bollards to inspire your planning efforts.

Music Festivals

Music festivals require careful mapping to maintain a safe and fun atmosphere. Use removable bollards to create clear pathways both backstage and in the main festival area,such as those for food and drink stands or lines to the portable restrooms. Removable bollards also contribute to efficient parking lot flow so drivers enter and exit quickly and know where they can and cannot park. Automatic bollards work particularly well for festival entryways because they keep the flow of traffic moving steadily.


Outdoor weddings at farms, wineries, parks, and other large, beautiful areas benefit from removable bollards, especially decorative ones. They create parking lot perimeters in open fields and pathway borders to ceremony and reception areas. Bollards also let people know a private event is going on to reduce if not eliminate disruptions.

Public Library Events

It is not uncommon for public libraries to host special events such as author readings, book fairs, and formal galas. If these or any other library events are held outside, bollards create clear perimeters so guests know where to go. They also make it obvious that an event is happening so other people do not “crash.” Decorative bollards add to the look of the event, especially formal happenings.

Community Fairs

Community fairs and festivals are yet another type of event that does well with bollards. They promote safety and security around parking areas, food and drink booths, and stages while also keeping participants out of sections just for vendors and performers. If you are planning a fair that includes the use of city or town streets, bollards make it clear the streets are not available to drivers at the present time. Farmer’s markets also use bollards for these reasons.

These are just some of the special events benefiting from low-impact bollards. Choose between automatic and removable ones in light of your event type and what you need them for, and don’t forget to look into decorative options as well.

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