3 Types Of Low-Impact Bollards & Their Uses

While bollards are often used to stop vehicles from entering storefronts, parking lots, and other areas full of pedestrians, they have many other applications. These applications depend on bollard type and provide numerous benefits when they are implemented correctly. Learn about three different types of low-impact bollards and what they are most commonly used for to enhance your business, organization, or the public space you manage.

Automatic Bollards

These bollards rise or sink into the ground with the touch of a button. They are often added to residential driveways to make it clear to drivers where the driveway begins and the sidewalk ends. Automatic options are especially helpful to households with numerous drivers and cars because they do not require manual removal. Such bollards also enjoy numerous commercial applications, such as controlling the flow of traffic in a parking lot or public garage. Additional uses are for public facility entrances, such as museums and zoos. They set the rate of vehicle entries and exits to keep traffic flow reasonable and prevent car and pedestrian accidents.

Removable Bollards

Removable options are similar to automatic bollards with one major difference: you have to (surprise!) manually remove them from their location. Like most bollards, they come in numerous styles and finishes. Removable bollards are commonly seen surrounding roadwork on highways to let drivers know to steer clear, and in situations where access is either denied or allowed. For example, if you oversee a park and need to section off a bike trail for repair reasons, removable bollards make it clear to cyclists to stay out. Conversely, they offer alternative pathways when placed correctly so drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians know where to go.

Decorative Bollards

While decorative bollards are not the most durable option, they still provide a variety of benefits. They come in a number of shapes and styles, including globe-shaped bollards among many others, and provide attractive borders around pathways. Decorative bollards are often seen on college campuses and may include lights to illuminate walkways at night and help students and faculty feel safe. These bollards also surround sculptures and other works of art so they can be admired without people climbing on them or attempting other feats resulting in damages. Additionally, removable decorative bollards work well for special events requiring sectioned areas.

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