5 Tips For Using Bollards In Your Driveway

While bollards are often thought of as commercial equipment, they provide residential benefits as well. One of the most common residential uses for bollards is in driveways to protect cars as well as the premises, especially if the area around the driveway features landscaping and hardscaping elements. If bollards are something your driveway needs, use these tips to make the best decision for property safety:

Consider Vehicle Type

The first thing you need to consider is vehicle height. Are the vehicles in your residential driveway higher off the ground and will they benefit from taller bollards for better visibility, especially at night? Trucks and taller vehicles such as SUVs benefit from tall bollards, especially reflective ones that make it clear where your driveway is situated. This is especially important if you live in a poorly-lit residential neighborhood with limited visibility.

Consider Driveway Traffic

How much traffic does your driveway get every day? Are you the only household member with a vehicle, or do other family members also have cars? Automatic bollards are ideal for homes with vehicles entering and exiting multiple times a day because they raise and lower with the touch of a key fob. If you and your family need driveway access a few times a day at most, telescopic security bollards you raise and lower by hand will likely suffice. Keep in mind permanent, or high-security bollards do not apply because they cannot be removed once installed.

Consider The Water Table Factor

Keep the water table in your area, or the level at which soil saturates the ground, in mind when you are reviewing bollard options. High water table levels cause metal bollards to rust prematurely. And while this does not mean you have to forgo bollards, it is a good idea to mention this to your installation company so team members can add waterproof coatings. Removable bollards are arguably the best solution for high water table areas because there is no risk of rust.

Consider Bollard Numbers

How many bollards does your driveway need? Do some measurements before discussing plans with your bollard installation team. They can easily help you determine how many bollards suit your driveway to provide the most protection. Your team will also make recommendations regarding landscaping and hardscaping element protection.

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