3 Uses For Bollards at Airports

Airports are among the busiest commercial spaces, with passengers and employees constantly coming and going. Security and safety are naturally top priorities, making bollards welcome additions to these bustling travel centers. Review some of the ways to use bollards in airports below.

1. Escalator Protection

The escalators in airports frequently include people lugging their suitcases on and off. Some people try to put baby strollers on escalators as well, which poses dangers to others trying to keep their luggage stable. By placing permanent, or high-security bollards in front of escalator entrances, passengers have to fold these strollers up. This helps maintain the safety of the moving stairs, allowing passengers to focus on their luggage instead of staying out of the way of strollers. Using bollards in this way also provides efficiency benefits, because passengers won’t spend time trying to find ways to get strollers on the escalators and frustrating those waiting behind them.

2. Parking Lot Barriers

Airport parking lots often stretch for miles and are usually near busy streets. Surrounding these lots with high-security bollards makes them safer for drivers and passengers. Permanent bollards are capable of stopping vehicles on the street going up to 50 miles an hour, which prevents both severe injuries and vehicle/airport lot damage. Parking lots are among the most dangerous places to drive due to people on foot and drivers looking for spots or exiting. By adding bollards to airport parking lots, those who use them enjoy greater peace of mind. It’s also helpful to surround parking attendant booths with high-security bollards. This prevents distracted, intoxicated, jetlagged, and drowsy drivers from accidentally colliding with the booths and injuring the workers inside. Adding retractable bollards to parking lots is also advantageous because the bollards retract only for those who have the correct tickets.

3. Cleaning Assistance

Food and drink spills, and any other cleanup on the airport floor benefit from bollards. ‘Wet Floor’ signs are helpful, but they rarely account for the entire slippery area. Rather than trying to surround said areas with cumbersome wet floor signs, use bright-colored, lightweight, removable bollards. They make it easy to encompass the entire affected area and provide space for employees to clean it up quickly. Passengers will stay away and therefore avoid slipping and falling, which reduces premise liability issues. Find quality bollards for your airport today at 1800Bollards, your leading bollard partner on the web.

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