Why Demo Projects Need Bollards

A demolition project is naturally a significant undertaking, even if the building is relatively small. Since safety is paramount for such projects, adding bollards to the list of needed items is a fantastic idea. Learn what makes bollards so important to demo projects.

Create Off-Limits Premises

Entering a demolition zone or any construction area is dangerous. Bright-colored bollards that surround the entire demo area make it clear that entering the premises is not recommended. Some of the bollards can include signage with wording such as “Demo Zone. Hazardous. Do Not Enter.” or simply “Do Not Enter–Demo Area.” Bollards linked with chains also indicate that the premises should not be breached for any reason. Portable bollards are generally best for this application since they can be moved as needed to let passers-by know the area is off-limits. Any premise liability claims are subsequently null and void because the area is clearly hazardous. Those who enter the grounds despite warnings subsequently forfeit their right to legal measures.

Provide Designated Break Areas

Portable bollards offer a variety of applications, including makeshift break areas near the demo site. They allow workers to remain visible, yet safe as they enjoy their lunches or take a little time to sit down. The bollards tell anyone passing by to leave the workers alone instead of engaging in conversation or asking about the demo project. Knowing that they can enjoy their break in peace without having to field questions will help keep workers focussed and engaged when they are back on the clock.

Keep Cars at a Distance

If the demo job is in a bustling, high-traffic area, bright-colored portable bollards once again provide assistance. They can be used to line the sidewalks and therefore alert drivers to stay away. This is especially beneficial to curious drivers who might “rubberneck” because they want to know what’s going on. Bollards, therefore, help drivers concentrate on what’s most important: the road and surrounding drivers. The chance of crashes near or on the demo site lowers as a result, which provides workers with even greater peace of mind. If employees are not unnecessarily distracted, they’ll have an easier time focusing on their jobs and completing their work in a timely manner. Increased focus also contributes to a safe, thorough demo project.

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