3 Uses For Bollards at Fall Festivals

Fall festivals remain popular for many reasons, such as temperate weather with delightfully-crisp air, unique autumn-themed decor and wares, and delicious food and drinks that reflect the season. If you are busy planning a fall festival, consider adding bollards to your list of must-have supplies. Review ways to use bollards at these community festivals below.

1. Line Creation

Lines for food trucks, brewery trucks, and restroom trailers can become challenging to maintain, especially when the festival is extremely well-attended. Portable bollards can be staggered to designate lines for each truck and trailer, which is particularly helpful in the wake of COVID-19. Many people still want to maintain social distancing, and strategically-placed bollards make this possible. Attendees feel safer and more secure as a result, allowing them to focus on having a good time instead of potentially getting into arguments with other people in line. The lines also remain more organized to help food and beverage truck workers less stressed.

2. Temporary Parking Lots

Perhaps the parking lots you’ll utilize for the fall festival are too small, or you expect a large crowd and need extra parking spaces. Portable bollards allow you to create temporary parking lots wherever it is most convenient, such as in an empty field or unpainted lot. Bollards create perimeters and medians for walking in and out of the lot(s) safely. They can also be used to designate individual parking spaces to avoid unused space and frustrated attendees. The more parking you provide, the more revenue your festival will likely bring in. This allows attendees can find spots quickly instead of leaving because there is no parking.

3. Food & Beverage Truck Protection

If some or all of the beverage and food trucks are located on the street and you cannot shut the streets down, bollards are once again helpful. Portable versions can be used to line the back of the trucks and therefore help keep drivers away. Bright-colored bollards are naturally best because they are easy for drivers to see. As a result, drivers will realize they are too close to the trucks and move away instead of accidentally hitting them and causing injuries and property damage. This helps streamline the fall festival and provides truck workers with greater peace of mind. They’ll be more likely to return for future festivals as a result.

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