3 Uses For Bollards in Music Venues

Bollards are among the most versatile safety products available, as they come in several forms and lend themselves to a wide variety of businesses, outdoor spaces, and organizations. Music venues are among the businesses that benefit from bollards in several ways, all of which contribute to a safer, more organized commercial space. Review ways to use bollards at your venue to help determine what’s best for your specific needs.

1. Restroom & Snack Bar Line Organization

The lines for your music venue’s snack bars and restrooms can get crazy fast. Concert- goers can get impatient while waiting because they do not want to miss any of the action onstage. By staggering bollards in front of all restrooms, bars, and snack bars, the lines stay orderly. Fewer issues with people “cutting in line” result, which helps avoid fights if not all-out brawls. Since people attending concerts typically drink alcohol, their emotions can run higher and they are more likely to be confrontational. Bollards help remind them to stay in their place in line to maintain relatively peaceful premises. Your music venue’s reputation benefits as well, since you won’t deal with bad press from the snack bar or restroom fistfights.

2. Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots are notoriously busy and dangerous, especially during concerts with hundreds if not thousands of people in attendance. Keeping the parking lot as safe as possible requires using bollards, which help in three ways. First, high-security bollards can be used to surround the lot and therefore protect it from wayward vehicles on the street. Second, these bollards create protective barriers around lot kiosks and booths, which helps maintain these investments and keeps employees safe, respectively. Cars cannot hit the kiosks or the booths when high-security bollards are present, a perk that also contributes to your employees’ peace of mind. Third, bollards that flank the medians parking lots so often feature keep them safe for pedestrians who are walking to and from their cars.

3. Will Call Area Protection

Most large music venues feature exterior ‘will call’ areas for customers picking up tickets on the day of the concerts. Since these areas are often near the street, the customers are vulnerable to intoxicated, tired, and distracted drivers who can accidentally drive up on the sidewalk. By installing high-security bollards along the edge of the sidewalk, customers can wait for their tickets safely. Find the ideal bollards for your music venue today at 1800Bollards.

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