4 Bollard Applications For Retail Stores

Bollards enhance safety and security in a wide variety of commercial settings, including retail stores. If you are a retail store owner interested in upgrading your business’s safety and security, consider adding bollards to your product list. They benefit retail stores in numerous ways; review some of the best applications below.

1. Corner Refrigerator Protection

If your retail store includes refrigerators on the aisle corners, you are aware of the damage they can sustain from shopping carts. Shoppers are not always paying attention, and can easily bump into these refrigerated features when they are looking for items on shelves, referring to their shopping lists, or answering phone calls. Adding bollards to the corners of these refrigerated units creates protective barriers that avoid cart damage. Consider adding bollards to every aisle with a refrigerated feature for this reason.

2. Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots are not known for their safety, since people are constantly coming and going, both behind the wheel and on foot. Bollards enhance the safety of these high- traffic areas, which can include creating medians that allow shoppers to walk up and down the lot safely. These security products can also be installed around the lot’s perimeter, which prevents intoxicated, distracted, and sleepy drivers from accidentally hitting parked cars and people. If your retail store features a large parking lot in a busy area, the safety benefits that bollards provide will prove invaluable.

3. Storefront Security

Many retail stores are part of strip malls, or several stores next to each other on a city block. When these stores feature glass storefronts, they can sustain severe damage from drivers accidentally crashing into them. If your store features a large front window, add high-security bollards to the adjoining curb. Bollards will prevent drivers from making contact with your store and potentially inflicting serious injuries on employees, customers, and passers-by. Bollards also protect your inventory, display equipment, and anything else of value that is near the window.

4. Pickup/Dropoff Area Safety

Perhaps your retail store features a pickup or dropoff area for customer convenience. Enclosing these areas with bollards helps drivers who are not picking items up or dropping them off stay away, which improves the overall safety in these areas. They make the pickup/dropoff areas clear to avoid driver confusion that can potentially result in serious injuries and legal issues. To find what you need, browse all of our bollards today at 1800Bollards.

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