3 Ways Bollards Keep Playgrounds Safe

Bollards offer a fantastic range of applications that increase safety in a variety of environments, including those children frequent. Playgrounds are a perfect example of a human-built environment benefiting greatly from bollard use. Learn how bollards help keep playgrounds safe to make the one you are building or revamping as secure as possible.

Protect Connecting Streets

If your playground is located across from a children’s school, use bollards to create safe walkways. High-quality stainless steel bollards easily protect children as they cross the street. Make sure to ook for those with crash ratings for optimal safety. Additionally, use retractable bollards that sink back into the ground when school hours are over so drivers can use the street normally. High-security permanent bollards never belong in the street!

Create Safe Playing Areas

Install bollards around the perimeter of the playground to keep it safe from oncoming traffic. Permanent bollards provide effective guards against wayward traffic, something fencing alone cannot provide. And since most fences surrounding playgrounds are chain link, bollards provide an excellent second safety layer that makes it clear to children where they should stay.

Bollards not only protect children at play and the teachers supervising them, but they also shield thousands of dollars’ worth of playground equipment from vehicular damage.

Protect Parking Lots

Ensure the parking lot next to the playground stays as safe as possible with bollards. Again, use them to create a perimeter around the lot that keeps it separate from the playground as well as the road. Also, use bollards to create a walkway down the middle of the lot so parents and children can walk safely through the parking lot. These lots are notoriously dangerous places, so the more you can do to promote safety, the better. This is especially important when there are so many little children walking and running around.

More About Bollards & Schools

If your playground is part of a school complex, consider using bollards throughout the grounds if you do not already. They protect athletic fields as well as playgrounds from vehicular traffic and create safe walkways throughout the campus. Use them in and around every parking lot, as well as all street crossings. Retractable bollards provide an invaluable street safety asset that protects children crossing the street as well as the crossing guard from oncoming traffic.

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