Why Your Restaurant Needs Bollards

The pedestrian and vehicular traffic around restaurants, bars, and cafes typically see a call for numerous safety features to keep the area as safe as possible. Among the safety features to consider as you design or revamp your current complex are bollards, or vertical posts with several applications including those related to safety. Learn how bollards will benefit your restaurant or other type of eatery from a safety perspective to lower accident and injury rates.

Parking Lot Perimeters

If your restaurant includes an adjacent parking lot, bollards provide an effective barrier between the lot and wayward traffic. This is especially important if the lot is next to a busy street or highway. High-security bollards capable of stopping vehicles weighing up to 15,000 tons going up to 50 miles an hour keep parking lots safe from drivers who lose control of their cars and trucks, whether due to negligence or mechanical failures. Bollard installations around parking lots make it clear you care about your customers’ safety.

Safe & Convenient Walkways

In addition to fortifying restaurant parking lot perimeters, bollards create safe and convenient walkways down the middle of them. Parking lot hazards come from all directions, including distracted drivers looking for parking or trying to leave a crowded lot. Creating a safe median for customers to walk to and from their cars without incident dramatically increases the security of this high-risk area.

Front Window & Door Protection

Perhaps your restaurant is located alongside shops and boutiques in a bustling downtown area. If your eatery’s front is composed almost entirely of glass, keep it safe from oncoming traffic with bollards. High-security options placed along the curb protect the glass from vehicular accidents and subsequently the people, equipment, and furniture inside. While storefront crashes are rare, they still result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and potentially extremely serious if not fatal injuries.

Dumpster Protection

The dumpsters around your restaurant may need more protection than standard fencing if your restaurant is located in a high-traffic area. Rather than constantly dealing with bent and otherwise-damaged dumpsters from distracted drivers, use bollards to create a barrier that will protect your investment. Bollards will also protect the fencing and still make it easy for employees to access the area.

What Your Restaurant Needs

Discuss what your restaurant or bar specifically needs with 1800Bollards, the web’s premier bollard wholesaler, today to provide your establishment with maximum protection.

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