4 Applications For Bollards in Hospital Complexes

Bollards offer a wide range of applications, making them ideal features for many commercial and industrial enterprises. Hospital complexes are among the commercial centers benefitting significantly from the security products so take a moment to review some of their most common uses in these complexes.

Navigation Assistance

Driving through hospital complexes isn’t always easy, especially when there are massive buildings and multiple parking lots. Removable bollards help visitors navigate sizable complexes easily. They can support signage that lets drivers know where to go while simultaneously blocking restricted areas. Your hospital will likely receive better reviews because people won’t complain about “getting through the labyrinth” or how it took them “forever” to find where they had to go.

Glass Door Safety

Hospital entrances see people coming and going at all hours of the day, which includes patient pickups and dropoffs. Adding bollards to the front of glass door entrances keeps people from accidentally driving up on the entrance sidewalk because they’re anxiously awaiting their family members or wondering when they will be discharged. Unintentionally driving up on the sidewalk can injure patients, their family members, and hospital staff who happen to be in the way. Rather than facing liability lawsuits and reputation harm, use permanent security bollards to create safe entrance areas. They stop cars going up to 55 miles an hour, and easily prevent cars operating at much lower speeds from inflicting injuries and property damage.

Parking Garage Assistance

Your hospital complex likely features a parking garage with ticket booths or kiosks. Retractable bollards ensure only those with tickets enter and exit the garage to keep people from parking illegally. They also protect kiosks from vehicle damage, as well asticket booth workers. Employees will feel much more comfortable knowing they are surrounded by permanent safety bollards, as distracted or careless drivers hit the bollards instead of the booths. You’ll deal with fewer worker’s compensation claims, and enjoy a happier, more appreciative staff. Productivity may even increase because employees know you care about their welfare.

Building Preservation

Building corners can sustain wear over time from people accidentally hitting them with heavy bags or other objects, such as personal shopping carts. Historic buildings are even more vulnerable to wear because of their age. No matter the age of your hospital buildings, adding stainless steel bollards at the corners provides protection from premature damage. Purchase quality bollards today at 1800Bollards.

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