How Bollards Benefit Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

How Bollards Benefit Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations continue popping up around the country as the demand for cars, trucks, and SUVs they power increases. Whether you own an electric vehicle charging station or plan on installing a charging kiosk at your gas station, consider purchasing permanent safety bollards as well. They make excellent EV station accessories for several reasons. 

Bollards Keep EV Stations Intact 

Drivers can accidentally hit electric vehicle charging stations and inflict damage ranging from minor to major. They might not realize how close they are to the stations, or are distracted by passengers, phone notifications, or fellow drivers. Rather than dealing with chipped, nicked, cracked, and otherwise damaged EV stations on a regular basis, install permanent safety bollards around them. Drivers make contact with the bollards instead of the stations, as such bollards can stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour. EV stations subsequently remain damage-free because the bollards absorb all vehicular impacts easily. 

Bollards Contribute to Station Curb Appeal

Bollards surrounding electric vehicle station kiosks contribute to a clean, professional appearance. They indicate a dedication to maintenance that your customers will appreciate, as they won’t drive over bits of broken plastic and glass, or deal with exposed electrical wires. Your business’s reputation will improve as a result because word of mouth will increase and online reviews will improve. 

Bollards Prevent Premature, Expensive Replacements 

Having to replace prematurely damaged and broken EV station kiosks gets expensive fast. Investing in security bollards saves you money over time because you won’t pay for premature kiosk replacements. Paying to replace damaged kiosks also means your station has limited or no EV charging services for several days while you wait for the new models to arrive. Too many days of limited or no service can add up to serious revenue losses depending on how many kiosks you have and the amount of traffic your station receives daily. 

Bollards Provide Durable Signage Foundations

As safety and security products, Bollards also lend themselves to EV station signage. Embedding signs in bollards keep them in place for longer because drivers who accidentally hit the signs do not inflict as much damage. Severely-bent signs detract from your station’s appeal and make it challenging for customers to find and navigate your station. Bollards eliminate both of these issues.


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