4 Applications For Bollards in Shopping Centers

Bollards provide both interior and exterior advantages that suit a wide variety of commercial spaces, including shopping centers. If you own or manage a grocery store, or other shopping outlets, learn how bollards can enhance their functionality and safety. 

Refrigerated Section Protection

Commercial refrigerators and coolers that appear on the ends of aisles can sustain serious damage over time from shoppers accidentally banging their carts into them. Rather than dealing with worn, scratched corners that do nothing for your store’s appearance, place stainless steel bollards in front of said corners. They absorb impacts from distracted shoppers bumping their carts to keep your refrigerated units looking good. Bollards prevent premature cooler replacements related to excessive damage, making them a cost-effective preventative measure. 

Parking Lot Security

Your shopping center parking lot sees significant traffic every day, especially if it’s located in a busy urban area. Installing permanent security bollards around the lot’s perimeter protects parked cars and the people who drive them from vehicles on the street. Factors like assorted distractions, careless or reckless driving, speed, and intoxication can cause drivers to crash into parked vehicles in your lot and hit shoppers, which can result in liability lawsuits and reputation damage. Permanent bollards stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour, making them invaluable parking lot safety features. 

Front Door Protection

If your shopping center features revolving or sliding glass doors, protection from permanent security bollards certainly doesn’t hurt. They keep distracted drivers from unintentionally driving up on the curb and possibly shattering door glass, injuring bystanders and causing thousands in replacement services. Shopping centers with sidewalks between them and the street are especially at risk from wayward drivers. Bollards prevent accidents and unscrupulous individuals from purposefully driving into your storefront, creating distractions while their partners rob the establishment of goods and cash. 

Access Restriction 

Spills can happen daily in shopping centers, creating slip and fall hazards without proper signage and quick cleanups. Removable bollards surrounding a big spill prevent individuals from slipping, falling, and filing lawsuits against your business. They also restrict access to areas of your store under construction to keep shoppers safe and create perimeters in the event of accidents. People know to stay out when bright-yellow bollards are present, ensuring your liability remains low. 

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