4 FAQs About Removable Bollards

Bollards come in numerous forms, including removable versions applicable to a variety of environments. If your business or organization could benefit from bollard usage but you are uncertain which option is right for your needs, learn more about removable options here. 

What Are Removable Bollards Usually Made Of? 

These bollards typically consist of stainless or carbon steel. Stainless-steel varieties are designed to withstand harsh environments, such as coastal climates with corrosive salt air, and feature Type 304 or Type 316 steel. Carbon steel removable bollards include powder coatings to protect them from the elements. Some manufacturers provide powder coating services that include choosing from over 200 hues to accommodate your business or organization’s color scheme. 

What Are Their Uses?

Removable bollards offer many different applications that make them worthwhile investments. They are often used to create parking lots in fields next to outdoor concerts and festivals, or anywhere else temporary parking is required. Removable bollards also lend themselves to private outdoor events, as you can link them with chains or other materials to create fencing. Local, national, and state park systems often use removable bollards to section off areas that need maintenance or repairs, such as hiking and biking trails. 

Additional applications for these versatile, portable products include using them to surround construction zones, which helps keep passers-by away from the workers and heavy machinery. Removable bollards help maintain social distancing as well because they provide convenient, highly visible markers. 

Are Their Different Cap Styles?

Bollard caps help create safety products unique to the business or organization. Among the most common cap styles for removable bollards include sloped, domed, and flat. Sloped caps provide a sleeker look, while domed and flat options have a classic appeal. You can also change the caps periodically to revitalize your complex or business’s look. 

When Shouldn’t I Use Removable Bollards?

Removable bollards can be designed to withstand vehicular impacts under 30 mph, and can be used to protect the following applications: parking lots, parking garage kiosks and attendant stations, electric vehicle charging stations, and phone charging stations. Yet, they do not provide sufficient protection for glass storefronts since cars that crash into such fronts might be speeding at the time. Permanent security bollards work best in these scenarios because they can stop several-ton vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour. Removable bollards provide temporary and permanent remedies that can help keep people safe at a low speed. However, removable bollards should never be used as substitutes for permanent security bollards. 

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