4 Applications For Bollards in Town Squares

When it comes to improving a town square’s safety, functionality, and appearance, bollards are key. They offer several applications that residents, tourists, and the local government will appreciate. Review some of the best bollard uses in town squares to inspire your planning efforts. 

Landmark & Public Art Protection

Bollards offer optimal protection for both public art displays and landmarks. Permanent bollards stop vehicles going up to 55 miles per hour and therefore offer optimal protection for sculptures and landmarks surrounded by traffic. For example, the famous LOVE art installation in Center City, Philadelphia enjoys protection from concrete bollards. 

Metal and concrete bollards linked by chains offer public installation and historical attraction protection as well. Sculptures in public parks benefit from such bollards because they often become climbing attractions for children, and suffer wear and tear. Adults might also touch them while snapping photographs, causing additional wear. By surrounding these installations with bollards, they help preserve the town’s uniqueness. 

Historical Building Protection

Historical buildings are part of most town and city squares. These important buildings benefit from bollards to protect them from cars and people. Buildings close to the street become vulnerable to distracted, drowsy, and intoxicated drivers who might end up on the sidewalk and damaging building fronts, including windows, doors, and brickwork. Permanent safety bollards stop cars from inflicting thousands in damage to priceless architecture. 

Bollards placed at the corners of historical buildings provide additional protection from contact with carts, strollers, bikes, and similar items that can chip away at brick or stonework. They also help keep human hands off the buildings to avoid material degradation from skin oils. 

Storefront Protection

Glass storefronts on busy town square streets can sustain serious damage from vehicular accidents. Cars and trucks can crash through the stores, damaging inventory, equipment, tools, and possibly injuring employees and customers. And since town square stores are often in old buildings, they are extra vulnerable to vehicle damage. By placing bollards along the edges of the sidewalks in front of such buildings, they remain protected from cars and trucks. 

Public Parking Protection 

Many town squares feature at least one public parking area to attract tourists and provide residents who work in the area with places to park. By installing safety bollards around the perimeter of all public parking lots, they become much safer places to find parking. Any wayward cars and trucks are prevented from hitting the parked vehicles which in turn prevents damage and driver injuries. 

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