4 Bollard Applications in Residential Neighborhoods 

When most people think of bollards, images of parking lots, warehouses, medical complexes, stadiums, storefronts, and parks usually come to mind. Yet bollards offer more than commercial applications, as they are also beneficial to residential neighborhoods. Review below some of the best uses for bollards in residential areas to determine if they are what’s missing from your property or neighborhood. 

Perimeter Protection

Security bollards made of cement or concrete offer perimeter protection for houses in high traffic areas. Property perimeters are often subject to unwelcome vehicular activity that can leave gardens, fences, outdoor decor, and other features damaged. By installing attractive security bollards in desired shapes and colors, the perimeter of your property remains unaffected by drowsy, drunk, and distracted drivers. They provide the same benefits if you live in a rowhouse on a city street. 

Walkway Illumination

Walkways to and from residential properties do not always feature sufficient illumination after the sun goes down. Whether the walkways around your home are extra long, there’s lots of shade-producing vegetation, or you haven’t installed property lights just yet, consider using lighted bollards. Also available in a range of styles, lighted bollards create safer residential paths. And because they use LED lights, they help keep energy bills from skyrocketing. 

Garage Protection

It’s not uncommon for people to misjudge how far they are from their garages as they’re backing in. If you are among these individuals and are tired of dealing with garage door and frame repairs, have permanent bollards installed on either side of the overhead door. They make it clear where you’re going which will prevent damage to both the structure and your vehicle. Opt for bright bollard colors so the installations remain visible at all times. 

Driveway Security

Security bollards installed around driveway areas help to avoid property damage if you or friends and family accidentally drive too fast and hit inanimate objects such as trees and lawn

Bollards can also keep the driveway entrance secure. For example, retractable bollards operable through a remote control remain upright until you or other drivers in your household press the remote control button. The bollards retract, as a result, allowing you to gain entry. Those who are unauthorized to visit your property cannot enter unless you retract the bollards, which reduces problems with intruders and salespeople. Browse bollard selections at 1800Bollards today to obtain what’s ideal for your residential property.

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