Why City Planners Should Use Bollards 

As a city planner, the functionality and efficiency of the urban area become top priorities. Bollards help check off all of these planning “boxes,” allowing you to easily improve urban
areas. Read on to learn why bollards are products every city planner should consider. 

They Protect Government Buildings

Security bollards with strong crash ratings protect government buildings and the people around them. They prevent vehicles from accessing courthouses, fire departments, ambulance garages, legislative buildings, and other government structures, which keeps the buildings intact instead of suffering from damage that can affect their safety as well as their aesthetic. And since government buildings are at an increased risk of terrorist threats, bollards help keep those who purposely drive into such buildings from fulfilling their plans. These products are known as anti-terrorist, anti-ram, and crash-tested bollards. 

They Improve Transportation Center Efficiency

Train and subway stations, airports, and public transit depots benefit from bollards because they organize, separate, and regulate the flow of traffic. Security bollards keep people out of restricted areas, help maintain one-way lines, and protect sensitive structures from cart and small motorized vehicle damage. By improving transportation center efficiency, they decrease passenger stress and help everyone get to where they’re going quickly. 

They Protect High Traffic Areas

Protecting green spaces, sidewalks, and storefronts is much easier with security bollards. These permanent installations create obstacles between wayward drivers and areas requiring protection helping to avoid thousands in damages. For example, if a car drives up in a park, the driver can not only injure individuals enjoying the green space, they can also inflict serious damage to grass, shrubs, plants, trees, and hardscape elements such as fountains, retaining walls, steps, and gazebos. Bollards can prevent this.

They Improve Parking Lot Safety

Public parking lots pepper most cities, and come in free and paid versions. Such lots are notoriously dangerous due to distracted drivers looking for spots or trying to leave, and pedestrians on foot in every direction. Bollards improve the safety of parking lots because they protect the perimeter from exterior traffic that can cause vehicle damage and pedestrian injuries. Security bollards also create safe pathways for pedestrians as they walk through the lots, which keeps foot traffic flowing to minimize the number of people meandering all over the place. 

These are just some of the ways bollards improve city planning efforts. Find what your city needs today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard wholesaler on the web. 

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