4 Ways To Use Bollards At Universities 

College and university campuses are among some of the complexes that function even better with bollards. These safety products provide numerous campus applications that help students, faculty, maintenance personnel, and visiting friends and family know where to go. Review some of the best ways to use bollards at colleges below..

Parking Lot Protection

Parking lots are among the most dangerous places for drivers due to people walking to and from their vehicles, and cars coming and going. Parking lots where college-age drivers park are arguably even more hazardous due to their inexperience. Bollards create safe walking areas for people leaving and coming back to their vehicles and work best in the middle of the lots.

Bollards, as safety and security products, can also be used to surround the parking lots and therefore protect them from distracted and intoxicated drivers who can potentially hit people and parked vehicles. If your college or university is located in a busy urban area with lots of traffic, bollards become even more essential to parking lot safety.

Walkway Illumination

Perhaps some of the walkways around campus could use more light at night, or you’re looking for a long-lasting solution via LED options. Lighted bollards provide the help you want, as they illuminate walkways around college and university campuses without spiking electric bills. LED lights last tens of thousands of hours without requiring a lot of energy, which helps your school reduce its carbon footprint. Illuminated walkways with bollards also help students feel safe at night. Such bollards can additionally be used to add light to emergency contact kiosks found around most college campuses.

Sculpture Protection

Many universities feature public art sculptures that add color and texture to various landscapes. Yet sculptures are sometimes used for climbing, which damages their finishes among other “injuries.” Permanent or removable bollards linked with chains make it clear the art is not for climbing or other forms of contact. Therefore, with the addition of bollards, the sculptures will last longer and not require as much maintenance.

Dropoff Area Assistance

The beginning and end of the school year are hectic times. Students are either getting dropped off or picked up, which creates high-traffic areas around dorms and other living quarters. Removable bollards lend themselves to these areas because they help drivers know where to go and give them places to temporarily park and load student belongings. Bollards subsequently contribute to safer, more orderly dropoff and pickup days. Visit 1800Bollards today to select from our variety of bollard products.

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