4 Benefits Of Stainless Steel Bollard Covers

Stainless steel bollard covers protect both existing bollards and new installations from the elements. If you need something to cover your current bollards or are considering bollard installation, learn why these covers are so ideal.


Stainless steel bollard covers provide a timeless and eye-catching look applicable to a variety of commercial and industrial settings. The metal retains its sheen years after installation and can be painted in a variety of colors using powder coating materials to suit your commercial space color scheme. They add a simple yet highly-effective aesthetic quality thanks to their sleek appearance.

Remember, bollards are among the first things customers, affiliates, and partners see when they approach your building or complex, making them an important part of curb appeal. Stainless steel covers are a classic way to maintain or improve this appeal and impress your clients and investors.


Stainless steel bollards also come with several cap options to further customize your exterior space. Choose from flat, dome, and sloped versions to complement your building or complex’s architectural style perfectly, especially if yours leans towards the modern or minimalist look.

Easy To Install

These bollard covers take little time to install and provide your commercial setting with an instant upgrade. You subsequently will not spend precious work time applying the covers or spending a lot of money on professional installation.

Low Maintenance

These covers are renowned for their durability, something that translates into low maintenance. Once these high-quality covers are installed, you don’t have to do much to keep them looking fantastic. A few sprays with a power washer every so often to remove accumulated dirt and grime is usually enough to keep them gleaming under the sun. If your building or complex is located in a coastal setting that continually subjects your bollards to salt air, look for 316-grade stainless steel. It resists corrosion from both salt and de-icing chemicals.

Protect Your Investment Today

Don’t let the money you spent on bollard installation go to waste! Use stainless steel bollard covers to maintain your investment while also improving their appearance. Whether you powder-coat them or not, you will enjoy a long-lasting way to keep your bollards in
outstanding condition.

Stainless steel bollard covers are among the many winning products available from 1800Bollards. Visit our wholesaler site today to learn more about covers and other durable physical access control products.

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