How Bollards Increase Property Value

The decision to install bollards on your commercial property, whether they be in front of a store, around the perimeter of a restaurant parking lot, outside of stadium or hospital, or anywhere else, increases your property value. Take a moment to learn why bollards are a worthy investment that you can highlight as a fantastic feature whenever you decide to sell your commercial or industrial property.

They Increase Safety

Bollards are among the most impactful site furnishings in regards to safety–literally. For example, high-security bollards around parking lots protect parked vehicles from collisions with cars and trucks on the street. It takes a split second for the driver of a car or truck to lose control and end up crashing into a parked vehicle. High-security bollards are designed to withstand vehicular impacts, with some able to stand up against 15,000 cars going 50 miles an hour. Additional security in any form always increases property value because it is something potential buyers continually look for.

If a buyer is deciding between a commercial property with bollards and one without, he or she is likely to go with the property with bollards because there is no need to pay for installation since the bollards are already in place.

They Improve Navigability

Another reason bollards increase property value is because they greatly enhance navigability. Whether you want to define walkways in an industrial park, campus or hospital complex, adjacent park, etc., bollards make it easy. They protect pedestrians as they make their way through busy commercial and industrial parks while also making it clear where cars can and cannot go.

They Enhance Curb Appeal

Properties with curb appeal always sell faster–ask any real estate agent. They pique buyer interest and encourage leads to discover what else makes the property so special. Unusual or ornate bollards powder-coated in dazzling colors instantly enhance commercial property curb appeal. They demonstrate a dedication to appearance and reputation, especially if they are clearly well-maintained. Think of bollards as welcoming signs or flags that inspire potential buyers to learn what separates your property from the competition. Bollards make any commercial or industrial complex safer and more attractive. Add them to your property today and use them as an effective selling point months or years from now.

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