4 Bollard Applications For Apartment Complexes

While bollards are typically considered a commercial and industrial product, they have numerous residential applications. And although they can be used for individual homes, one of their best applications is for apartment complexes. If you manage or own an apartment complex, learn what bollards offer and how to use them most effectively on your property or properties. Bollards ensure safer premises, something your tenants will appreciate. 

Add Them To Sidewalks In Front Of Apartment Buildings

If your apartment complex is located in a high-traffic area, bollards make a welcome addition to sidewalks. Install staggered high-security bollards on sidewalks in front of all of your buildings to keep cars from accidentally running up on the curbs and possibly causing serious injuries in addition to property damage. 

Sidewalk bollards are especially effective if your apartment complexes feature a large number of families and have children who play out front. They provide parents with peace of mind because they create effective barriers between cars and children at play. 

Use Bollards To Navigate Traffic

Removable bollards provide traffic guidance benefits many commercial and industrial complexes take advantage of. Should your apartment complex include many buildings, internal roads, and parking garages or lots, use bollards to help drivers find their way to the right area when you attach signs to them. Removable bollards also designate areas under construction so tenants don’t accidentally drive or walk through them. And since you can remove them at any time, they can be used over and over again. 

Install Them In Parking Garage Entrances

Retractable bollards add another degree of security to apartment complex parking garages. When they’re installed at garage entrances, they remain upright until a tenant types in a code or enters a plastic pass key. The bollards then retract to allow the tenant to enter the garage.

Bollards help maintain safe garages by preventing anyone who isn’t a tenant from parking where they shouldn’t. 

Protect Parking Lot Perimeters 

If your apartment complex features parking lots instead of garages, bollards once again provide welcome additions. They surround lots in close proximity to the street to keep wayward cars from driving into parked cars or hitting pedestrians. Depending on the size of
your parking lots, you may want to add high-security bollards to the medians to protect pedestrians as they walk through on their way to and from their residences. Find the bollards your apartment complex needs today at 1800Bollards.

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