The Importance of Bollards on Street Corners

When it comes to maintaining safe urban areas, bollards can prove invaluable. These versatile products offer a variety of applications, including street corner installations. Learn what makes bollards important to street corner safety, as they might be exactly what’s missing from your neighborhood.

Tight Turns

Some city streets are narrower than others. In South Philadelphia, for example, narrow streets featuring row houses are common sights. These streets often feature bollards on their corners to help drivers make tight turns. Permanent security bollards help guide drivers, as they prevent them from driving up on the sidewalk and having to start over. Bollards also keep drivers from driving up onto the curb and into the nearest building, such as a residence or corner convenience store.

By assisting drivers in making tight turns, bollards protect their cars from misalignment issues. Going over curbs and potholes often throws off a car’s alignment, causing the vehicle to pull to the left or right when the driver is behind the wheel. This issue is as inconvenient as it is dangerous, as the driver might not be able to fully control the vehicle, especially if they are inexperienced. The individual can accidentally hit other cars, pedestrians, or inanimate objects, such as telephone poles and trees.

Bollard installations also protect corner buildings from damage, which is extra important if the building in question has historical significance and is more vulnerable to vehicular impacts.

Pedestrian Safety

Adding bollards to street corners contributes to a safer neighborhood. These security products create barriers between drivers and area residents, allowing them to enjoy walks around the neighborhood and feel protected when they are waiting to cross the street. Intoxicated, drowsy, and distracted drivers can, unfortunately, hit pedestrians, often causing serious if not fatal injuries. Installing bollards on city street corners is something area families will appreciate, particularly if they have small children who are still learning when and when not to cross the street. If you want to install bollards on street corners in your neighborhood, you might also consider scheduling installations for nearby parks. Surrounding parks with bollards keep wayward drivers where they belong, on the street, which helps everyone enjoying the green spaces focus on their fun. Find the bollards ideal for your city planning project today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web. From high security to removable bollards, we make it easy to improve neighborhood safety.

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