4 Summer Events That Call For Bollards

If you are planning a summer event, consider adding bollards to your list of must-have products and equipment. Bollards lend themselves to a range of summer shindigs and gatherings, making them safer and more efficient. Take a minute to review some of the numerous warm weather events that can benefit from bollard usage.

1. Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a summertime staple, though some go into the fall or even occur year round. If your community hosts multiple farmers markets throughout the summer, use bollards to direct traffic and improve vendor safety. Bollards lining the areas behind the food trucks and booths, for example, help drivers literally steer clear. They also help drivers know where to go, such as to a temporary parking area in a neighboring lot. The market’s vendors will appreciate the effort behind the bollards, since they demonstrate your commitment to their safety.

2. Community Festivals

For many towns and cities, summer equals a diverse range of community festivals, such as nighttime food truck markets, craft festivals, summer playground presentations, and beerfests. Bollards can be used to create temporary parking areas, direct vendors and attendees to various areas, and create lines for food and beer trucks. They also lend themselves to makeshift lines for portable restrooms, such as those in front of restroom trailers. Designated lines are especially advantageous for events where beer and other libations are involved, because they help avoid altercations from people thinking others have skipped said lines.

3. Summer Concerts

Outdoor summer concerts provide many people with fun ways to spend their afternoons and evenings. If you are organizing a summer concert, consider using bollards to create a border around the event area if it is unfenced or the concert is private. Bollards let people know that they cannot just walk up to the concert without buying a ticket or a special event invite. This allows the performers to do what they do best without interruptions from “crashers.”

4. Flea Markets

Perhaps your community is known for craft and flea markets, or flea markets alone. Whether you organize one or both of these types of events, bollards make them safer and easier to navigate. They protect the vendors, provide lines where needed, and allow you to create parking spaces. If your event includes a play area for children, chain-linked bollards help this area remain exclusive to kiddos and their parents. Find the bollards your summer event needs today at 1800Bollards.

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