4 Bollard Applications For the Indoors

While most people think of bollards in terms of the outdoors, they offer numerous indoor applications that contribute to safe, efficient premises. Review some of the ways bollards are utilized indoors and consider how your enterprise or complex can benefit. 

1. Parking Garage Safety

Bollards improve parking garage safety and efficiency in several ways. Not only do removable bollards stagger lot entry to prevent too many vehicles from entering at once and possibly causing collisions, but permanent bollards also protect employees. Parking garages typically feature workers in small booths taking tickets and answering customer questions, yet these booths are still vulnerable to wayward vehicles. By placing permanent, high-security bollards around each booth, you’re creating a barrier between team members and vehicles. If a driver does crash into a booth, it will hit the bollards, not the employees. 

2. Equipment Protection

Removable and retractable bollards help forklifts and other heavy machines used in warehouses remain secure. Durable, retractable bollards are particularly helpful because they’re better at stopping in-use machinery from making contact with their stored counterparts. Permanent bollards also provide applications in warehouse settings, such as keeping employees safe on their lunch breaks. 

3. Restricted Area Protection

Some sites within hospitals and industrial complexes feature restricted access due to reasons such as hazardous material or chemical usage. Retractable bollards that provide and prohibit access to these areas offer extra layers of protection. Only members with access can make the bollards temporarily sink into the floor. They remain erect the rest of the time, warning others to stay out and stay safe. 

4. Escalator Safety

Both airports and large stores rely on escalators to transport customers up and down their various floors. Some people with carts and baby strollers can attempt to use the moving stairs because they don’t see elevators or are in a big hurry. Installing bollards in front of escalator entrances ensures individuals with cumbersome products do not attempt to use them, which can help prevent injuries and property damage. Only people on foot can use the escalators to create safer premises and fewer headaches for you and other management. Sports stadiums with escalators benefit from bollards for the same reasons.  These are just some of the ways bollards enhance safety and functionality within commercial and industrial spaces. They come in removable, retractable, permanent, and lighted options to suit your needs and reduce liability-related legal issues. Visit 1800Bollards today to purchase the right bollards for your needs.

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