How Bollards Improve Curbside Pickup Services

Bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and even residential situations to create safer, more efficient premises. Whether your business has always included curbside pickup services or recently started providing them in light of COVID-19, bollards provide the necessary help needed to streamline such services. Take a moment to learn how bollards benefit curbside pickup efforts. 

They Keep Employees Safe

Curbside parking spaces with strategically-positioned bollards help employees deliver products to customers safely. High-security bollards stop several-ton vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour creating effective barriers between drivers and your team. And while most drivers aren’t speeding up to curbside pickup locations, accidents still happen, usually for distraction-related reasons. Rather than dealing with workers’ compensation claims because employees were injured by customer vehicles, make it safer for everyone by installing bollards. 

They Provide Durable Signage Foundations

Permanent bollards offer foundations for business signage, including those indicating curbside pickup locations. They make it clear where to go so customers spend less time driving around the parking lot and potentially injuring pedestrians or getting in minor collisions with other drivers. Parking lots are notoriously dangerous due to the number of vehicles coming and going, as well as the people on foot. Obvious signage that can be seen from the street makes these high-traffic areas significantly safer. Removable bollards also provide sign foundations you can place at different locations throughout your business’s parking lot as necessary. 

They Protect Your Storefront

Many storefronts are made mainly of glass, which can cause catastrophic damage if wayward vehicles crash into them. By placing permanent, high-security bollards in front of your store, you’re keeping curbside pickup activities safe. Distracted, drunk, and sleepy drivers will not make contact with your glass storefront because the bollards literally stop them in their tracks. Customers entering the store stay safer as well because there are bollards between them and assorted vehicles. This vital type of protection is even more essential if your business is on a
street with heavy traffic and limited parking space.  No parking lot, whether it includes curbside pickup services or not, should be without bollards. The long-lasting security products provide invaluable services that keep everyone who enters your commercial premises safer, which avoids accidents, legal issues, and reputation damage. Find the bollards your business needs today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard wholesaler on the web.

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