4 Bollard Maintenance Tips

No matter what type of bollards your business or organization uses, the right maintenance keeps them in good condition for years. Depending on their placement, the bollards might be part of your business’s exterior and subsequently, its aesthetic, which makes maintenance even more important. Review the following tips to take the best care of your security and safety products.

1. Keep Them Clean

Routine cleaning removes dirt, road dust, pollen, leaf particles, insect remains, and other grime from your bollards. Use a pressure washer about once a month to blast debris away. If you are concerned about removing the paint or protective coating, put the pressure washer on a lower setting. You can also wipe your bollards down with a rag and cleaning solution, such as a soapy water mixture or mild detergent. If there is tough grime to remove, use a soft brush to gently scrub the affected areas. A soft brush is recommended to avoid dislodging bollard paint.

2. Utilize Protective Coating Products

Protective coatings such as zinc primers, galvanized paint, and powder coatings protect bollards from environmental damage. They prevent serious fading from UV rays while also guarding against corrosion, if applicable. Quality coating products also help prevent paint bubbling, chipping, and peeling. Use the product recommended for your type of bollard, such as zinc primer for permanent bollards. Zinc primer lasts longer than galvanized paint and is better for the environment.

3. Perform Regular Inspections

Check your bollards about once a month for issues like dents, dings, chipped/fading/peeling paint, stains from bird excrement and insect remains, and corrosion. Regular inspections also alert you to other bollard issues such as cracks and loose components. If the bollard moves from its foundation when it shouldn’t, schedule repairs or a replacement as necessary.

4. Take Additional Measures During Extreme Weather

Quality protective coatings are usually enough to shield your bollards from harsh weather. However, extra-severe weather conditions can call for additional measures, such as protective sleeves. Such products are ideal if your bollards are due for protective re-coatings, as they provide the protection the security and safety products need until you can apply fresh coats. Removable bollard sleeves work well against snow and ice. They also help guard against UV ray damage, though a protective product application might still be necessary. Look for a product that reflects UV rays. If you need new bollards at any time, browse the selection at 1800Bollards.

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