4 Uses For Bollards at Convention Centers

Bollards are known for many things, including their numerous applications. Convention centers are among these applications, as bollards contribute to their safety and security in several ways. Review some of the top uses for bollards at convention centers as you consider what yours needs.

1. Drop-Off Area Safety

Any convention center in a bustling urban setting with a drop-off area for assorted deliveries benefits from bollards. High-security, or permanent, security bollards line the curb between the sidewalk and the street, which prevents intoxicated, sleepy, and distracted drivers from making contact. These bollards can literally stop vehicles in their tracks to avoid injuries and property damage. Delivery drivers and convention center employees have an easier time loading and unloading materials with such bollards present because the risk of wayward driver-related injuries is much lower.

2. Parking Lot Safety

Retractable bollards are must-haves for convention center parking garages and all other parking garages. They retract when the driver inputs the right code or swipes the right card or fob, allowing the vehicle to proceed. If the driver does not have the correct information, they are denied entry.

Bollards also contribute to parking safety if the convention center has an open-air lot. Permanent security bollards line the lot perimeter to avoid wayward driver entry and related injuries/property damage. Parking lot and garage kiosks benefit from these bollards too, as do lot attendants in small booths. If a driver accidentally hits a kiosk or booth, high-security bollards prevent serious damage and injuries.

3. Display Security

Other bollards that enhance convention center security are removable bollards. Such bollards, whether connected with chains or not, can be used to surround fragile displays or any displays that are not interactive. They make it clear that the display items are not to be touched, which avoids damage and fines. Removable bollards can be used to surround sculptures and other works of art, intricate toy trains, similar displays, or anything else that needs extra protection.

4. Cleanup Area Safety

Beer, water, juice, food, and other spills need to be clearly marked until cleaning takes place. Removable bollards surround the spill, making it obvious that the area is currently off-limits. Using bollards in this way avoids premise liability issues because they provide sufficient warnings. A spill with no bollards or hazard signage can result in legal claims if injuries should occur because the building owner or manager did not maintain safe premises. Find the bollards your convention center needs today at 1800Bollards.

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