4 FAQs About Removable Bollards

Bollards come in several forms, including removable versions that provide temporary barriers within various commercial and industrial sites. If you think your business or project will benefit from bollards but you are not sure whether removable options are the right choice, review the following frequently asked questions.

1. What Materials Are Used to Produce Removable Bollards?

Removable bollards are usually made from stainless or carbon steel, though some are manufactured using hard plastic. If the bollards are made from carbon steel, they often receive zinc coatings or undergo galvanization to protect them from premature corrosion and related issues, such as holes, and cosmetic discrepancies. And while removable bollards come in an array of colors, bright yellow is arguably the most popular hue in light of the visibility factor.

2. Do They Have Numerous Applications?

These bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of environments and situations, such as temporary barriers between road construction workers and drivers. Other temporary fencing/barrier applications include private outdoor functions in public settings, such as libraries and parks, marking off-limit sites in parks, on city streets, and within industrial complexes, and temporary barriers around construction sites. Removable bollards are also utilized at farmers' markets and community fairs because they help guide traffic away from the food trucks and other vendors.

3. Are They Crash Test-Rated?

Since removable bollards are not designed to stop wayward drivers, they are not crash test-rated. High-security bollards are generally the only products of their kind to undergo crash testing, as they are manufactured to stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. If you need crash-tested bollards for any reason, such as installations in front of your glass storefront, research high-security options. However, removable bollards still help maintain safe premises, due to their temporary fencing and barrier applications.

4. What Are Their Benefits?

Removable bollards offer numerous advantages, such as keeping crashers out of private events on public grounds. They also provide premise liability perks, since placing them around construction sites, in front of parks or city streets that need repair, and anywhere else that is hazardous eliminates related lawsuits. For example, if removable bollards are placed around a construction site in conjunction with “Danger” and “Construction Zone” signs, anyone who enters the premises and sustains injuries cannot sue. They forfeit their right to legal action by trespassing. Other removable bollard benefits include peace of mind from safer commercial and industrial sites. Browse removable bollard options today at 1800Bollards.

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