Do You Need Crash-Tested Bollards?

Bollards come in a wide variety of types and styles, including those that undergo crash test ratings. If a bollard passes its crash test, it is generally capable of withstanding vehicles weighing 15,000 pounds going up to 50 miles an hour. Crash-tested bollards subsequently make valuable contributions to safety and security in a wide variety of commercial, public, industrial, and residential environments. If you think you need crash-tested bollards but are not sure, consider the following factors.

Recurring Glass Storefront Issus

Business owners with glass storefronts can experience recurrent issues that affect their store’s safety, security, and reputation. Drivers can crash into these storefronts, whether accidentally or on purpose, for theft purposes, costing hundreds, if not thousands, in damages and injuries. If you find yourself constantly stressing about continuing issues with your glass storefront, crash-tested bollards provide an ideal solution. They create an impenetrable barrier between the curb and the street, which prevents cars from driving up on the sidewalk which could potentially cause major injuries and damage. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind as a result.

Public Parking Lot Problems

Perhaps you oversee a public parking lot that is surrounded by busy city streets. If wayward drivers have repeatedly driven onto this lot, causing damage to parked vehicles and injuries to people on foot, it’s time to install crash-tested bollards. They create a high-security perimeter around the lot that prevents intoxicated, sleepy, and distracted drivers from making contact with parked cars and the people getting in and out of them. The public parking lot under Route 95 in Philadelphia, PA is a perfect example of this. It features crash-tested cement bollards around its entire perimeter to keep the surrounding traffic from causing major accidents. And since these parking lots are used as summer playgrounds for neighborhood children, the bollards help little ones stay safe. You can also add crash-tested bollards to the center of your parking lot if it features a median for people on foot. This additional layer of protection helps individuals feel that much safer as they walk to and from their vehicles.

Historical Site Damage

Historical sites come in a wide variety of forms, including the remains of old buildings and sculptures, and intact buildings that have been meticulously preserved. Cras-tested bollards are the ideal addition if these sites are vulnerable to vehicular damage or have sustained damage requiring major repairs in the past. They keep cars from causing further damage that impacts these already-delicate sites. Bollards make welcome additions to many historical attractions for this reason, and therefore help preserve pieces of history. Purchase crash-tested bollards from 1800Bollards today.

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