How Bollards Protect Storefronts, Including ATMs

If your business features a glass storefront, protecting that glass becomes a key maintenance task. While the material is tempered and subsequently extra durable, it is still vulnerable to impacts. Bollards make a welcome addition to your storefront, especially if you have an ATM outside of the business. Take a moment to learn why. 

They Prevent Cars From Crashing Through 

Businesses with glass storefronts are unfortunately vulnerable to wayward vehicles. Drivers can accidentally drive up on sidewalks and into store glass, potentially injuring employees, customers, and passers-by. They can also cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to inventory, equipment, lights and electrical work, and assorted store supplies. Permanent security bollards placed on the curb of these storefronts prevent distracted, intoxicated, and drowsy drivers from accidentally driving up on sidewalks and crashing through commercial glass. 

Bollards also provide protection against those who would crash through storefronts intentionally. Unscrupulous individuals have occasionally driven through storefront glass with their cars, which naturally causes a huge distraction. Their associates rob the stores from the back while the commotion is going on, resulting in even greater losses for the business owners. Bollards eliminate these issues to prevent serious losses and related insurance issues. 

They Keep ATMs Intact

Many businesses feature ATMs in front of their stores to provide customers with quick cash options. If your store’s ATM is out front rather than inside your establishment, consider placing permanent security bollards around them. They prevent cars from hitting the machines and causing the money they contain to spill everywhere, which also helps smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and motorized bikes to avoid collisions. Avoiding a damaged or completely broken ATM saves money on related fees and replacements, as well as major stress. Any outdoor ATM should include permanent safety bollards for these reasons. 

Bollards & Your Peace of Mind

Bollards offer invaluable peace of mind to make your life as a store owner easier. You’ll relax knowing your store cannot be breached by wayward drivers and that your ATM is safe from those who would accidentally or intentionally break it. Investing in security products means stressing less on a daily basis and saving money over time on assorted repairs and replacements. And since security bollards are made of concrete or cement, they will protect your business for years.

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