How Bollards Help Protect Children

The versatile safety products known as bollards help people around the country and world stay safe, including children. They contribute to parents’ peace of mind, as permanent security bollards are capable of stopping vehicles going up to 30 miles per hour. Take a moment to learn more about how bollards contribute to the protection of “tiny adults.”

They Make School Pickup/Dropoff Areas Safer

Pickup and dropoff locations at elementary schools can become hectic quickly, which increases the risk of accidents. Using bollards to stagger traffic and keep children out of the street makes these busy areas safer and more efficient. For example, removable bollards can be used to create barriers between the kids and the street while they wait for their parents to pick them up. They can also be used to form lines of traffic, which helps prevent drivers from turning too quickly or making other sudden moves that can cause serious or fatal accidents. Using bollards in these ways also emphasizes patience, waiting your turn, and street safety for kids.

They Help Parking Lots Remain Safe

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous due to drivers coming and going, and people walking in between cars and in the line of traffic. Children are especially vulnerable in parking lots because they are small and might not be visible to drivers, even though they are with their parents. Bollards boost parking lot safety in two ways: first, they create solid barriers around the lots that prevent wayward drivers from accidentally hitting parked cars and people. Second, they can be used to create safe walkways to and from the business, which also contributes to injury prevention.

They Contribute to Narrow Street Protection & Safety

Narrow city streets can be challenging for drivers to navigate, especially inexperienced drivers and those operating large vehicles. Adding security bollards to the corners of these streets helps neighborhood children stay safe because they stop drivers from driving up onto the sidewalk and potentially injuring passers-by. Urban neighborhoods where children play on the sidewalks more often are safer as a result.

They Make Playgrounds in High-Traffic Areas Safer

Many playgrounds in urban areas face the street, which increases the risk of accidents from intoxicated, drowsy, and distracted drivers. Adding bollards to the perimeters of these playgrounds keeps cars where they belong: on the road. Makeshift urban parks also benefit, such as the summer playground under Route 95 in South Philadelphia, PA. The ‘playground’ is actually a parking lot featuring permanent security bollards around it. Find the bollards you need today at 1800Bollards.

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