4 Times When Lighted Bollards Are a Must

Lighted bollards are among the numerous bollard options available to business owners, city planners, nonprofit owners and organizers, school boards, stadium owners, and more. There are many times when lighted bollards are must-haves to help maintain safe, secure premises. Review some of the most common instances that call for lighted bollards.

1. University Walkways
Lining university walkways with these bollards helps students stay safe at night, which is especially important for schools in urban areas. Students who have evening classes, sports practice, play rehearsals, and other nighttime activities generally feel better walking on well-lit paths not only for security reasons but to avoid injuries. It is easy to trip when walking around at night, even when the path is smooth. For example, a student could trip over a small tree branch or group of pebbles that have somehow made it onto the path. Rather than sustaining potentially-serious injuries, lighted bollards illuminate any tripping hazards to help students remain injury-free.

2. Park Hiking & Bike Paths
Parks in cities, towns, and everywhere else often feature paths for hikers and biking enthusiasts. Some of these paths go deep into wooded areas, which can create visibility issues as day turns to night. By staggering bollards along these paths, they become significantly safer for all who use them at dusk and early evening. The risk of serious accidents significantly decreases and everyone who uses the paths will feel safer and more secure.

3. Parking Lots
Lighted bollards make parking lots safer for drivers and pedestrians by keeping the lots illuminated throughout the night. Since most lighted bollards use LED lights, they can last much longer than other parking lot lights that rely on other bulbs. So if such parking lot lights go out, the lighted bollards help the parking lots remain safe areas for people driving and on foot. A dark parking lot can be a scary place for anyone, so lighted bollards also contribute to peace of mind.

4. Downtown Areas

Installing lighted bollards in vibrant downtown areas helps them stay illuminated during the night, even when all other lights go off or their bulbs drain. They subsequently help people walking around at night feel safer since darkness is a prerequisite for muggings and similar unscrupulous activities. The chance of vandalism decreases as well for the same reason. Browse our lighted bollard collection at 1800Bollards today.

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