4 Uses For Bollards at Rest Stops

Bollards come in numerous forms and are known for their many applications, including their use in rest stops. These often-large areas typically include several fast food establishments, a convenience store or two, restrooms, and gas pumps. Some even feature farmers’ markets at certain times of the year. Bollards make excellent additions to rest stops for many reasons, so why not take a minute to review some of their top uses?

1. Gas Pump & Booth Protection

It’s not uncommon for rest stops to be busy places–after all, travelers are coming and going at all times of day and night. Tired and distracted drivers who need a gas can accidentally collide with the pumps, potentially causing catastrophic injuries and damages. Sleepy and stressed drivers can also unintentionally make contact with the attendant booths, which can also cause damages and injuries. Permanent, or high-security, bollards prevent both of these issues. They stop drivers from going up to 50 miles per hour, making them invaluable safety products at gas stations. Rest stop gas stations and all gas stations should subsequently include bollards.

2. Cleanup Area Designation

Busy, anxious travelers can accidentally spill water, soda, coffee, and many other beverages on rest-stop floors. Any kind of mishap involving something slippery, such as a beverage or greasy food condiment, requires immediate attention. Portable bollards can be used to surround these hazardous areas until they are properly cleaned up, which prevents people from slipping and potentially sustaining serious injuries that affect their travel plans.

3. Farmers’ Market Table and Truck Protection

When a rest stop hosts a farmers’ market one or more days a week during the warmer months, bright-colored portable bollards are a welcome addition. They can be used to surround the entire market, making the boundaries clear to drivers. This allows travelers to browse the goods without constantly looking over their shoulders at parking lot traffic. Vendors appreciate the added visuals as well. The bollards can be placed at the back of their tables or trucks, or anywhere else that is necessary to help keep traffic away.

4. Damaged Entrance Protection

When a rest stop entrance is damaged or under construction for any reason, bright- colored portable bollards once again are welcome sights. Arranging them in front of the affected entrance makes it clear that it is currently unusable. Bollards can be placed on the other side of the entrance for the same reason. Find bollards for your rest stop today at 1800Bollards.

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