4 Times When Safety Bollards Are Essential

Bollards offer a myriad of uses, most of which concern the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Take a moment to learn about some of the instances where safety bollards or permanent bollards are capable of stopping several-ton vehicles going 55 miles an hour. Bollard installation does any business or organization a great service. 

Storefront Safety

Vehicular crashes can befall retail stores, boutiques, and other shops with glass fronts that are located close to the street. And while most of these crashes are by accident, some occur intentionally. Would-be thieves use the crash as a distraction while others raid the store from the back. Permanent safety bollards create effective barriers between streets and shops to prevent these crashes and subsequently thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory and equipment damages. They also prevent injuries to employees, patrons, and pedestrians. 

Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous, as they feature distracted drivers looking for spots or trying to exit in addition to pedestrians coming and going from all angles. Even wayward grocery carts at food and retail store lots can prove dangerous when drivers try to avoid hitting them. Safety bollards contribute to parking lot safety in three ways: first, they create barriers around the lot’s perimeter to prevent accidents and injuries from drivers who lose control of their vehicles. Second, they create safe walkways down the middle of the lot so drivers entering and exiting their vehicles can get where they’re going without incident. Third, they ensure drivers parking their cars and trucks stay in their spots and do not go over medians, which can easily result in pedestrian injuries and damage to other vehicles. 

Loading Dock Safety

Like parking lots, loading docks are busy most times of day and night. Strategically-placed bollards contribute to safer operations because they protect the building from damage. Drivers operating large vehicles do not always back into loading docks correctly, causing damage to the building and anything else in the way. They also help protect crew members on the ground since they help the driver back up safely. 

Stadium Safety

Sports stadiums get flooded by thousands of people during games and other special events such as concerts. Adding bollards to stadium perimeters prevents drivers from accidentally hitting the sidewalks and seriously injuring patrons. They also contribute to safe ticket lines and smoking areas. 

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