5 Bollard Uses For Private Events

Bollards may have a reputation for commercial use, but these safety products offer private applications as well. Removable bollards lend themselves to a number of private events to help keep such happenings safe and streamlined. Consider using bollards for any of the following events to add a much-needed safety element: 

Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding featuring 100 or more guests often means creating a parking area. Even if some of your guests opt for the hotel shuttle, there are others coming from out of state that might be driving directly to your venue. Strategic removable bollard use creates distinct parking lots to prevent wayward traffic and confused drivers. They also create safe walkways for drivers as they exit their vehicles, something that is always important since even makeshift parking lots pose dangers to those on foot. 

Removable bollards can also be used to create lines for outdoor restrooms, including port-a-potties and restroom trailers. This prevents “who is in what line” problems, which can get severe as guests become more intoxicated.

Retirement Party

Perhaps you are throwing a retirement party for a beloved coworker, friend, or family member
at a local library or another venue with an inviting outdoor space. Removable bollards make it
clear the event is private to prevent crasher-related issues. Depending on the location you
select, permanent bollards may be on-premise for your party convenience. 

Family Reunion

If your family reunions include relay races and other outdoor games where marking starting lines and creating areas of play are important, bollards provide the assistance you need. They create participation lines and play areas of all kinds so you and your family can enjoy those potato sack races among other heart-pumping fun. Bollards also lend themselves to DIY parking lot creation once again since family reunions typically include a lot of people. 

Holiday Party

Whether everyone comes to your house for the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday, bollards make planning a little less stressful. Use them to direct traffic to your home, create play areas for children and pets, and anything else that benefits from these practical barrier products. They also protect lawn ornaments and other items that could sustain vehicle damage. 

Make bollards part of your private event shopping list to enjoy these benefits. We are the internet’s premier bollard wholesaler so go to 1800bollards.com or call 1800Bollards today to discuss your event needs.

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